The National Basketball Association (Indonesian: National Basketball Association) or known by its abbreviation NBA is a men's basketball league in the United States and is the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

The NBA holds a regular season with each team playing 82 games against other clubs, with 41 home and away games each. The details of the schedule are that each team plays four matches against teams from the same division, four matches against six teams from the other two divisions, and the remaining (four teams) play three matches. Finally, each team competes with all the teams from different regions, two matches each. On Christmas Day, when other competitions or leagues are on holiday, the NBA still holds games (going on since 1947).

1. Play-ins
Since the 2020-2021 season, the number of NBA games in the regular season has been reduced due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This resulted in the creation of a new match format to determine which teams would play in the Playoffs. Play-in will determine the 8th and 7th place teams from each region who will play in the playoffs.[1]

2. Playoffs
In the Playoff round, the system used from the first round to the final is "best-of-seven" (who wins 4 times first from a total of 7 matches).

3. time
These 30 teams are divided into two regions (west and east), each of which consists of three divisions. Here is the current breakdown of teams by region and division:

Currently, there are 5 known "dynasties" that have triumphed on the NBA stage because of their success in dominating those seasons. The four teams include the Boston Celtics (1957-1968), Chicago Bulls (1990-1998), LA Lakers (1980-1988), San Antonio Spurs (1999-2014), and Golden State Warrior (2015-present)

A. Draft Picks
Draft is the term for the recruitment of new players to the NBA by NBA clubs which is held every year before the NBA competition begins. The recruitment draft is only held once at a predetermined time and place.

B.Dream Team
The Dream Team is a team created by the NBA to take part in FIBA ​​international basketball sports held to represent the United States, USA, such as the Olympics or world basketball championships organized by FIBA.

C. Hall of Fame Club
Intended for basketball players who have contributed many achievements to their club (such as bringing their club to win the NBA league and at that time being the best in their club)

D. NBA All-Star Weekend
An event held every year where the 12 best players from the eastern region NBA teams play against the 12 best players from the western region NBA teams. The 5 core players from each region are the players who get the most votes in voting held by the NBA via the internet via the official NBA website and also in public places in the United States. However, in 2018, the All Star match system was replaced with a player pick system by captains from the western and eastern regions, and players from the opposing region were allowed to be selected.

E. NBA G-League
NBA G-League (short for NBA Gatorade League) is a competition created in 2001 with original members totaling 8 teams. Many players who are NBA Draft Picks (who are still inexperienced) or have waiver status (outcasts) play in this league

F. NBA Summer League
NBA Summer League, also known as the Vegas Summer League, is a competition held after the NBA Draft Pick. Each team consists of players in the NBA league who have only played for no more than 3 years and players who have just been taken from Draft Picks

Schedule and Live Streaming of NBA Games on Vidio, 21-26 November 2023

Schedule and Live Streaming of NBA Games on Vidio, 21-26 November 2023

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Schedule and Streaming Links
Tuesday, November 21 2023

Knicks vs Timberwolves - 08.00 WIB
Rockets vs Warriors - 10.00 WIB
Thursday, November 23, 2023

Heat vs Cavaliers - 07.30 WIB
Warriors vs Suns - 10.00 WIB
Mavericks vs Lakers - 10.30 WIB
Sunday, November 26 2023

Pelicans vs Jazz - 09.30 WIB
Mavericks vs Clippers - 10.30 WIB


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