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The Importance of Property Insurance to Protect Your Home

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When you have succeeded in owning the house of your dreams, often a plan to protect it with property insurance is not on your next priority list. Don't let you realize how important protection for your dream home is when there is a loss.

It is Important to Protect Home Contents!

Protecting a house should not be limited to building the house alone. Guaranteed protection of the contents of your home is equally important, including:

  • Home furniture, such as sofas, tables, lamps, displays, and so on.
  • Home appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, and so on.
  • Home supplies, such as glasses, plates, and so on.
  • Personal belongings, such as laptops, cell phones, jewelry, and so on.
  • All residents of the house, including household assistants and personal belongings.

The following are some of the events that can cause loss to the contents of your home, either permanent damage or loss.

Electrical Voltage Fluctuation

An unstable electric voltage that lasts for quite a long time will certainly affect all electronic equipment in the house, especially LED televisions, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators and others. In fact, sudden voltage spikes can immediately permanently damage electronic equipment.

Theft or Robbery

Any form of loss of property in your home due to theft or robbery, of course, will cause you to suffer financial losses.

Natural disasters

Floods, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and other forms of natural disasters can have a large impact on damage, including to your home and property. In fact, the level of damage (severity) can make you lose everything in just an instant.


Many valuable items in your home, such as expensive furniture, television, washing machine, laptop, and others, can be damaged or lost because of your carelessness or other occupants of the house. As a result of this negligence, you may have to pay dearly to repair or replace the damaged items.

So, of course, you must understand all these risks and design the appropriate home insurance or property insurance.

Property All Risks

You need to know that not all types of insurance for property cover all these risks. For example, a fire insurance policy that only covers losses due to fire risk (FLEXAS) only.

Therefore, property insurance for all risks (PAR) is highly recommended for you. Complete PAR insurance can protect your home and all its contents, including protecting your life and all residents of the house.

This type of insurance policy can provide the following benefits.

  • Reimbursement of damage repair costs.
  • Replacement of damaged or lost property.
  • Provide compensation for any losses.
  • Compensation for personal accidents.

Almost all risks can be covered in this type of insurance policy, including the risk of natural disasters and negligence. However, this type of property insurance has stricter terms and conditions for negligence risk coverage.

Home Sweet Home

Building your dream home is certainly not a cheap investment. However, this will be useless if you do not protect it with optimal protection.

Take care of your dream home by choosing the right property insurance and say goodbye to your worries.

There is no better place than to be at home and live quietly in it.

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